What To Do With Leftover Charcuterie

What To Do With Leftover Charcuterie

We know, it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we have leftover charcuterie and we have some amazing easy recipes to transform your leftovers into amazing dishes the next day! 


A Brie wheel is a staple on all of my charcuterie boards, and while it is typically a cloud favourite, there is typically at least a quarter if not more of the wheel left fully intact.

If we were working with a full wheel of brie and wanted to make a baked brie, it would be as simple as placing the full wheel inside of an oven safe dish that has a lid, and topping the brie with anything you like from honey + walnuts, to garlic butter, and everything in-between. Place it in the oven with the lid on at 350F for 15 mins and you will have a delicious dip-able brie! But when we are working with pieces of Brie, or even half of a wheel, this technique doesn’t work the same. Once the rind is broke, if we were to use the same technique all fo the brie would ooze around the oven safe dish and can bubble and not be the most ideal dip! 

So we will be making baked brie bites instead! All you will need is some puff pastry sheets or and dough and the leftovers from your charcuterie tray! The only thing you need after that is a muffin tin! You will start by taking your dough or pastry of choice and cutting it into squares that are slightly bigger than the circle in the muffin tin, then use your pieces of leftover brie and place them inside each dough square, pushing the brie into each muffin tin, then top with any leftovers from your tray! Can be topped with jam, dried cranberries, nuts, herbs, or a combination of a few of those! Pop the muffin tray in the over as per your dough of choices cooking instructions (often 350F for 15) and there you have the tastiest little bits that can be served as appetizers the next day or several days later! 


You can of course use any of the extra meats leftover to make an amazing sandwich, but we have an idea you might like better!  Salami and eggs! This one is pretty simple but will elevate you next days breakfast to be anything but simple! 

Cut up the salami and add it to a medium heat frying pan and crisp it up, add your eggs and any other omelet toppings you’d like, and done! Pro tip: add some of the left over cheese as well to really make this a supreme breakfast!

Alternative cooking method, you can make egg bites! Take all of the leftovers you wish, salami, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, etc and mix them in a bowl with eggs, once well combines, butter a muffin tin and pour your egg mixture in! Bake at 350F for 15-20 mins and you will have amazing egg bites! The can also be frozen after they are cooked and great for breakfast on the fly! Just pop them in the microwave for 30-45 seconds and you’re off! 


This next leftovers hack can actually use almost all of the leftovers on your charcuterie tray, mini grilled cheese! It will be likely that you have some extra baguette slices that can go stale pretty quickly. 

So how do we make them into mini grilled cheese? Easy! Start by heating a frying pan on medium with a little bit of butter in the pan, once the butter is melted fill the bottom of the pan with as many baguettes slices that fit, top each slice of baguette with your desired grilled cheese filling, can be as simple as just cheddar, or you can go supreme and add some Parmesan + salami, havarti + jam, blue cheese + apple, the possibilities are endless! Once you have topped all of the slices, place another slice of baguette onto of each, give it a little press, and flip each mini grilled cheese, add a little more butter to the pan, after about 2-4 minutes your mini grilled cheese will be ready! 

These mini grilled cheese can be the perfect lunch, afternoon snack, or perfect addition to your kids lunch! 


You just eat them! 

Hope you try our some of these next time you have some leftover charcuterie! 

Image courtesy of Cured Catering

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