Picnic Like A Pro

Picnic Like A Pro

The sun doesn’t set until after 8pm, the weather stays warm through night, school is out for summer, it can only mean one thing — its picnic season! 

There is something so special about spending a day in a park, or on a beach and sharing snacks and drinks with friends and family. But leaving the house for the day requires a lot planning and organizing, and we have taken care of that for you! 

Follow these tips and tricks for the ultimate day of picnicking! 

Keeping it cool – for starters you are going to need a way to keep the food you packed cold through the day. A great solution is to freeze your water bottles! They will act as an ice pack all day, and then once they melt, you will have refreshing water to drink! An alternative method is freezing grapes! The grapes will keep your food cold and also a great alternative for ice for your drinks to not water them down!

Picnic kits, photo courtesy of Cured Catering

Meal preparation – one of the easiest foods to bring on a picnic are sandwiches, and who doesn’t love a sandwich! But there are a few tricks to make sure the sandwiches last the day. Make sure to avoid wet fillings, and wrap your sandwiches in grease proof paper, like parchment paper. This will hold the fillings together while in transit, and prevent and spillage in your bag. For extra security, tie with a string as well. When packing any veggies and dip, we recommend adding a piece of paper table to each bag or container to help keep the veggies fresh, pack the dips in their own re sealable container and wrap an elastic around the top to make sure the lid stay on in transport! Thinking about bringing hardboiled hard boiled eggs? Add one teaspoon of baking soda when boiling them. This will soften the sell and allow it to peel off more easily. Bonus Hack: the egg cartons are great way to transport delicate foods that can bruise easily, like plumbs or mini cupcakes! Another great food to pack are foods on skewers! These are great because you do not need cutlery to enjoy. Skewers can be antipasto, a deconstructed sandwich fruits, veggies, almost anything! Use a cookie cutter to cute items into cute shapes! 

Bring the ambiance – a day in the park begs for a good soundtrack, if you don’t have portable speakers, you can turn your phone into a speaker with a cup! The concave shape of the glass amplifies the music from your phones speakers so you can jam our and enjoy the sun! 

Keep your blanket dry – even if the grass feels dry, after a couple of hours your blanket will start to get a little damp. Get either a disposable table cloth or shower curtain, can find these at your local dollar store, use paper lips to then attach the table cloth or shower curtain to the bottom of your blanket. The extra layer between your blanket and the ground will keep you dry all day! 

Insect repellent – since you will be eating on the ground, it will be virtually impossible to avoid the little buggers, but this will keep them away from your blanket and food. Insects do not like cinnamon or talcum powder! Bring a generous amount of either and sprinkle it around your picnic blanket to deter ants from wondering into your space. Another great way to protect your drinks is to bring empty cupcake liners and turn them upside down, place them on top of your drink, and stick a tray through it! The cupcake lines can also double as containers for dips!

How to pack – if packing in a picnic basket, make sure to put heavy objects at the bottom to avoid squishing soft items. Wrap any glass bottles or containers in the picnic blanket. Find light weight re sealable containers that can be stacked once empty for an easy clean up. Separate plates with napkins to void them clinging together, Place all delicate and soft items on top! 

Don’t forget the – garbage bags! This sounds like something so silly but it is so convenient to have! You won’t need to throw wrappers in your perfectly packed picnic basket, or search for a bin. This will also make clean up at the end of the day completely seamless! 

All that is left is to go and enjoy the day in the sun! 

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