Summer Settings

Summer Settings

Hosting a dinner party or having the in-laws over? Try this new trend, which will definitely impress your guests! 

While table scapes with florals can be stunning, an edible table runner is the newest tastiest way to host. We styled this table with two of Cured Catering’s Table Runner Charcuterie Trays which conveniently come on narrow wooden trays. The trays are then further elevated by adding assorted eucalyptus around them. 

When designing an edible table runner, there are a few things to consider, and so many ways it can be achieved. For starters you must consider functionality. Being in the middle of the table it is safe to assume 2-3 people will be sharing from each section. Having items repeat every foot or so allows each guest to have access to all cheese + meat options. Since variety is the spice of life, keeping each section small and diverse will allow  your guests to easily have access to options in front of them rather than having to reach down the table for desired items. If you are considering planned seating at your event, seating couples across form each other will allow them to share from the same sections!

Charcuterie Table Runners, Courtesy of Cured Catering

Edible table runners can be built directly on the table, or pre assembled on trays that can be arranged down the table. If you are building the spread directly on the table, you can add potted herbs through the runner that stays on theme with the edible runner! Popular potted herbs that pair well with charcuterie are basil, rosemary, and thyme. Potted herbs can be purchased at almost any grocery store and will add some height and dimension to your spread, and also a fun fresh interactive way to incorporate more food! If you go the pre assembled platter route, it allows you to make the runners ahead of time, keep them in the fridge, and just bring them out before your event starts, also allows for fast clean up! If doing it directly on the table, we have a few additional tips to help keep your table safe and make clean up a little easier! 

Before building your table runner directly on your table, lay down some plastic wrap the full length of your runner, then top the runner with a layer of parchment paper! Once the parchment paper is down add your dips, evenly distributed, this will guarantee each section has access to dips, as well as the dips will help keep the parchment paper in place and centred while you being to build your runner! The layered plastic wrap will protect your table from and tile or liquid that may come from the food, and the parchment paper will leave clean edges for the spread. Once the meal is over, you can save any food that may not have been eaten, and then just roll up the plastic wrap to reveal your clean table underneath. Will make it easy to transition to dessert right after as well! 

For the ultimate charcuterie table runner, it is important to have a mix of cheese, meat, antipasto, fruit, dips, and crackers or bread in arms length from each guest. This allows for the sought after perfect bite to be obtained. To ensure a good mix in each section, start by adding one item at a time! Starting with the dips as place holders, followed by several small sections of each type of cheese, meat, fruit, antipasto, crackers. Once it begins to fill in, great fillers for little holes that may left are dried fruit and nuts! Once all of the holes are filled, your table runner is finished! Making sure there are no holes and space where you can see the parchment paper will leave the runner feeling full and abundant for your guests! 

Edible table runners don’t start and end with charcuterie! While charcuterie is a great option for appetizers or wine and cheese nights, dessert is also a super fun option! Pro tip: If you have dessert pre assembled on trays, bringing them out and lining them down your table is quick and easy! Your guess will be blown away by how easy you make it look to host an elevated dinner party! 

Want to go the extra mile and be the ultimate dinner party guest?? Bring a table runner charcuterie tray with you to your next event! It’s always nice to bring something with you when attending an event at someones home, and no one is going to say no to having a little extra cheese around! Charcuterie trays are additionally great because they can be brought out as appetizers or are the perfect cheese plate to add to dessert! 

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