Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

The best way to elevate any table scape or brighten any room is by adding fresh flowers, for both a pop of colour and a fresh smell. Flowers are one of the most universal “beautiful” things we can add to any scenario to tie everything together. What could be better than beautiful fresh flowers to smell and appreciate? Flowers embedded right into the food and beverages that are unique works of art. Fresh, dried or candied, the possibilities are endless for how to take something so alluring to the next level.

Let’s start with the drinks and let’s start simple, one of our favourite trends is freezing petals or small flowers to ice cube trays so that they set with a little pop of colour. This can be added to sparkling water, pink lemonade or any other mocktail being served. Flowers can also be added right into the drinks by simply leaving them at the bottom of each cup before it’s filled or sprinkled on at the end as an added garnish. Some of the best flower pairing for these trends would be hibiscus, roses or pansies. Adding flower garnish contributes to the drink in more ways than visually, they also give fragrance, flavour and sometimes unique texture. This is something to keep in mind when choosing which you will garnish with, the whole profile could be changed in an instant, but who knows, maybe it’s for the better!

In the world of cocktails, flowers have no limit as to where they can be incorporated. From garnish to homemade syrup, the subtle flavour and splash of colour will provide some fun but practical flair. The easiest place to start is choosing from flowers you like or would like to include in the aesthetic, from there a few simple searches will confirm if the flower is edible and this should always be the first step. While some florals are beautiful they are also highly toxic if consumed. One thing to note is that flowers do have a flavour and it will definitely vary based on what you’re mixing and how you choose to blend it into the drink. If working with flowers that you’ve picked right from the garden, be sure to shake and wash them before working with them, to check for bugs, dirt or other icky things. Be mindful of pesticides or chemicals that could have been used but also do you research on where you’ve sourced the flowers. 

Here’s a violet flower simple syrup recipe that’s easy and beautiful.

All you need is a cup of violet flowers, water and granulated sugar!

  • Start by removing the violets from the stem, saving the petals. Leave them in a heatproof, nonreactive container (glass or stainless-steal works best).
  • Bring a cup of water to a boil and pour over violet petals, let this sit for 24 hours at room temperature.
  • After 24 hours, bring a few inches of water to a boil in a large pot and add container of violet liquid in its container to create a bain-marie or hot water bath.
  • Add a cup of granulated sugar to the violet liquid and stir until dissolved. Strain over a fine sieve to remove petals and let cool at room temperature before refrigerating.
  • And just like that, you have a stunning simple syrup to add to any cocktail and store for use up to 6 months. The fun part is finding out all the ways you can mix and incorporate this into your next event for some delicious flair.

Who doesn’t love a candy element in their drink? Candied flowers are another simple way to elevate your drinks, but definitely has some prep. The few things you will need are flower petals, egg whites, crystallized sugar and optionally simple syrup. To start, paint each side of the petal with egg whites that have been beaten (this is where the simple syrup can be mixed in for more sweet flavouring). Sprinkle on or dip each petal in crystallized sugar and lay on a wire rack overnight too dry. Be sure to use the flowers that day or they may become soft and lose their touch. And just like that you have candied flower petals to add as a chic garnish! These are fun for a candy themed event or an elevated garden party.

Gearing more towards the main event (the food) there are so many ways flowers can take the presentation to the next level. When creating a grazing table, flowers can be simply added as their own element throughout the table as a decor piece and eye catching statement. While these make for stunning decor, some people don’t see it as practical if the whole table can’t be edible. A simple addition to the table scape for a dainty touch is eucalyptus for a subtle scent and a bit of greenery. Now maybe you want something with some flowers but not too crazy, babies breath is one of the better options for a light and airy floral to give the table some texture. Both of these options are mess free and have very little shedding for concerns of getting into the food, they can be shaped around the table

Herb, Flower, and Seasoned Chévre. Image courtesy of Cured Catering

One of the most upcoming grazing table trends we’ve been seeing is rolling soft cheese into flower petals. We trust the Queen of baking with her recipe for this one and you can find it here by Martha Stewart. You can match the flower colour to the theme of the party, wether it’s a birthday, shower or dinner party. Another easy additional is flower petals being added to a summer salad. As we keep saying, it brings some colour and fun to what may be otherwise overlooked. Similarly, as garnish on dips, cakes, spreads over crackers or anywhere that could use some flair, you can take your food to the next level and impress your company! 

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